We aim at providing “Legal Counsel” with avoiding the dispute before occuring and solving legal problems of the Clients on the fields of Foreign Trade Legislation, Export, Import, Customs Legislation, Banking, Finance and Capital Markets, Law of Bankruptcy, Construction, Contracts, Corporate and Commercial Law, Debt Liquidation and Settlements, International Commerce and Investment, Labor Law and Unions, Trademark Law and Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, Land and Air Transport Law.

Since its establishment, over 8.000 case records have been solved by Aral Law Office. Furthermore, execution proceedings, amendment and preparation of contracts and other legal proceedings constitute the knowledge and experience of Aral Law Office.

We provide continuous Legal Counsel to many firms and group of companies operate on the fields of textile, carriage and logistics, metal, telecomunication, energy, construction. Moreover, we have taken active roles on establishment of foreign capital partnerships, mergers and acquisition, financial restructuring of companies, debt liquidation and bankruptcy deferral protocols, export and import proceedings, government and other bidding procedures and dispute resolutions of trademark/patent and competition.

We provide continuous Legal Counsel to 38 firms and group of companies including , Turkish Exporters Council and Istanbul Minerals And Metals Exporters Association.

We have undertaken a significant role at foundation of IHKIB Education Foundation Foreign Trade Economical Enterprise which aims to collect the uncollectible export debts from abroad and solve legal problems of Turkish Exporters with dispute resolution to contribute development and improvement of export. Therefore, we cooperate with law firms selected as partner all over the world including Europe and provide consulting service to hundreds of firms which are keystone of Turkish Export.

Aral Consultancy Limited Company has established in 2008 and started its operations to collect the Foreign Trade and Export debts and solve international dispute resolutions with a qualified and academical team in respect of foreign investment management and project management.